19 January, 2017 01:33

Time 01:15 local
Lat: N 23° 37.7′
Long: W 75° 06.6′
Enroute to Mayaguana, Bahamas

After an early start, we motored most of the day in what would charitably be described as “light” winds. As the moon rose just after midnight, so also rose the wind. Right now we are on a comfortable beam reach in 10 knots of wind making 6 knots straight toward our destination in flat seas. Glorious! At this rate we’ll be arriving at Mayaguana early tomorrow morning.

If we did not have to stop in Mayaguana to check out of the Bahamas I’d continue straight on the the Caicos!

Sometimes getting the right weather wind to make a passage is less about waiting, and more about being ready when opportunity knocks. The forecast toward the end of this week is looking a bit gnarly, so if we had stayed to play for two days it would likely have cost us well over a week.

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