Hunkered down…

Time 21:30 local
Lat N 22° 21.5′
Lon W 72° 59.1′
Eastern end of Abrahams Bay, Mayaguana, Bahamas

We moved over to the eastern end of Abrahams Bay, about 4 miles to be closer to town, and to be in a more protected part of the bay for the passage of the cold front coming through tonight. Which is happening right now as the wind is blowing at 30 knots gusting to 35. By morning it should be calming down again.

Calling the settlement of Abrahams Bay a “town” is a bit of a stretch. At night we can see the lights on shore. You can count them and you don’t need all your fingers and toes to keep track.

We have one project tomorrow, and that is to visit the Customs office and check out of the Bahamas. If we can get that done early enough, we might head out for the Caicos, but that might happen Wednesday. If we stay here an extra day we might take a chance to tour the island a bit.

The trip over to Providenciales is about 50 miles, and we want to be sure we arrive during daylight, so we need to leave between midnight and 10AM.

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1 Response to Hunkered down…

  1. Terry says:

    Hi Bill, I have been following your daily blogs and thoroughly enjoying them. Libby is currently in Victoria, BC for the winter after which we will join her again for more cruising.
    Terry&Dena SV Libby


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