Toward Puerto Rico

Time 09:51 local
Lat N 21° 37.2
Lon W 70° 59.8′
Nautical mile from Providenciales, TCI: 64.6
Nautical miles to Mayaguana, PR: 300.0

We are taking a bit of an unusual route to get to Puerto Rico, much more direct than people usually take this time of year, but the weather gods are smiling on us. Instead of going south and fighting our way east into the prevailing winds along the northern coast of Hispaniola, we are headed on a more northerly course over the top of Silver Bank and Navidad Bank.

We have been close hauled into 8 to 15 knots of wind with mostly flat seas ever since leaving Provo, making slightly better time than the models forecast for us. The wind has backed a bit more northerly than we expected, reducing the number of tacks needed, and giving us a faster, straighter course. Not much to report other than good sailing in good weather!

Yesterday afternoon we landed a smallish Mahi-mahi who was a very welcome guest to our dinner table!

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  1. Joel F. Potter says:

    Sweet! That’s the way to do it.

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