We have now finished our excursion to Florida, and completed successfully everything on our list–with a few bonus items.

We successfully transferred our official residence to Florida, and got our Florida drivers licenses to prove it.  We completed the paperwork for our new mailing address.  We got our doctor appointments complete, and our shopping done.

We got lucky when a rocket launch was rescheduled for the very weekend we were going to be driving up the coast of Florida.  So we arranged a stop in the Cape Canaveral area to see if we could get a closeup view of a Delta IV launch of a military communications satellite.

We spend much of the day at the Kennedy Space Center.  It was very muc_DSC3232h a mixed bag.  Lots of very interesting stuff to see, and a lot of Disney-like golly-gee-wizz. Unlike a lot of museums and other similar attractions, there was a layer of the information presentation that was actually geared to the educated adult.

We stayed to watch the launch, originally scheduled at twilight, a delay pushed it back to a full darkness.  I learned that photographing a nighttime launch of a large rocket is VERY hard…

The Delta IV is one of the largest rockets currently in use, but it is just a fraction of the size of the Space Launch System that NASA is developing for deep space exploration. Launches of those rockets (beginning next year) should be truly awesome events–literally earthshaking.

Now we are back on Harmonie getting things put back together and stowed.  Some provisioning, and exploring of Puerto Rico and we will be ready to move on again.

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4 Responses to Florida…

  1. Curtis Hagan says:

    And where are we headed off to next? Please keep writing…


    • Bill Kinney says:

      Hi Curt,

      So much of what we do seems to us (now) to be mundane, so we skip the updates! But I understand that what might be mundane to us might be interesting to our friends and families.

      Our plans right now are to head east as far as the British Virgin Islands, then turn around and then head back toward the US East Coast, taking time to see those areas we liked and want to explore further on the way back.



  2. Bill Kinney says:

    Harmonie right now is in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Sorry we missed Dena in Florida it would have been fun to connect and trade some notes. We wouldn’t have an Amel without your hospitality in Hawaii!


  3. Terry says:

    Bill, where is Harmonic right now? Dena is in Ft Lauderdale.


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