Getting out of Dodge….

Today we decided to leave the Ponce Club Nautico and go anchor out. We completed all of our shopping and resupply efforts, returned our rental car, and needed to get away from the crowds coming to the marina for the fishing tournament this weekend. The staff at the club has been delightful, and helped a lot with orienting us to the local area.

We are now anchored off of Isla Caja de Muertos, or Coffin Island. A much prettier location than its name might indicate. The only downside out here is we have a very tenuous internet connection, so our postings will be by satphone, which means without pictures.

Getting out of the harbor gets us a huge benefit: cool breezes! On land it is hot and humid. Out here, only 10 miles away, it is delightfully cool and comfortable. It’s interesting, as we move from place to place we find we are always glad to arrive, and always just as happy to move on. I guess that means we are moving at a comfortable and happy pace!

We’ll be here for a few days, we have one more errand to run in Ponce early next week. Tomorrow I have some projects to do on the boat in the morning, then we’ll be taking the dinghy off to explore the island.

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