On the Move…

We have moved further east and are now in Bahia de Jobos, our jumping off spot to the Spanish Virgin Islands. Right now we are tucked up in a mangrove creek, well sheltered from winds and waves.

After a long series of short coastal hops, our next run is longer, about 50 miles as the gull flies to Vieques, the first of the Spanish Virgins. Since this is pretty much straight upwind, we are back in weather watch mode.

Right now we are between seasons here. The cold fronts of winter no longer get this far south, and the tropical waves that create summer weather here are a month away, at least. The trade winds are a bit lighter, but more consistent.

If the weather models are right, we should have a break in two days when we can work our way to Vieques without beating into the wind.

We have a day of exploring this beautiful remote anchorage, and then we are off sailing again.

We have a longer term plan: make our way east until about May 1, then turn turn around and head back toward the Bahamas and, ultimately, the US northeast and New England for the summer.

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