Pride goeth before…. the engine!

Time 0130 local
Lat N 31° 33.0′
Lon W 72° 19.0′
Nautical miles from Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke, BVI: 887
Nautical miles to Sandy Hook, NJ: 542

We’ll, I guess I deserved it! In yesterday’s post I bragged about how we had managed to avoid the calms and keep sailing by clever routing. So of course today, we spend almost all day under engine!

Once we crossed the warm front, the wind died–and stayed dead almost all day. We fired up the Volvo so we could keep moving while we waited for the next front to bring some energy back into the the system. Looks like we be back sailing fast again tomorrow evening. The afternoon of the 8th looks good for our arrival, but I’ll need to get online as we approach to check tides to see when we can actually get into the entrance to the marina.

We have had trolling lines out, but no hookups yet. Fishing here on the end get of the Sargasso Sea is truly an exercise in frustration. It is impossible to troll a line for more than a few minutes before it picks up a bundle of floating weed. I have been sort through my lure box looking for those designs best capable of shedding the tough tangles of plant matter.

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