Fish on! Weather on

Time 1515 local
Lat N 34° 349′
Lon W 72° 40.6′
Nautical miles from Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke, BVI: 1057
Nautical miles to Sandy Hook, NJ: 360

In the rougher and winder weather, I have been trolling three lines behind the boat, where normally I troll five or six. That just makes for fewer tangle and problems. Right after lunch, just as I was thinking about when it would be time to bring the lines in before it got too rough to fish safely, I saw one of the lines pop out of its release clip, and the rod start to bounce. I did not hear any line running out, so I figured we had snagged another wad of seaweed. Or at least that is what I thought until the fish launched vertically 6 feet out of the water.

After a few minutes of fight, we had an 11 pound mahi-mahi on the gaff, and in the cockpit. A picture or two, and I look up and see BOTH of the other lines have fish on!

One of the other lines is a handline, and the two fish have managed to wrap themselves together so the only choice I have is to hand-over-hand them in together. I lost one getting them in over the transom, but added another 15 pound mahi-mahi to the freezer. Anybody want to join us for grilled mahi-mahi in Sandy Hook?

Not to long after we had the fish cleaned and packed away, the wind picked up into the low 20’s and the seas built to the point that fishing is no longer practical. So I guess you call that “Just In Time” delivery of fresh fish!

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2 Responses to Fish on! Weather on

  1. jdkinney08853 says:

    Mahi! Yum!

    Will you be renting a car at all, to explore the interior? Bring the mahi and we could cook on the grill.

    If you would like to spend a day or two up here, we could put you up overnight as well. We are about 90 mins from Sandy Hook. That’s if you want to wash the salt off for a while.

    Otherwise, we surely plan to come down and visit.


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  2. says:

    Great Catch or should I say Great Ketch! You better bring good weather with you, we need it. Gary


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