Out, and In!

In very short order we had the boat out of the water, and back in again thanks to the staff at Beverly Port Marina.  We learned that the smallest Travelift that an Amel Super Maramu will fit in is a 35BFM.  It was a very tight fit but it worked.

Our primary reason for taking the boat out of the water was to get a new transducer installed for our sonar.  The existing one worked well for navigation purposes, but as a fishing tool it was very limiting.  So the new one is in place, wired up and working.  Hopefully giving us the additional information we need to target more fish!  Another reason for getting Harmonie out of the water was to scrub off the heavy accumulation of harbor scum we picked up during our time in Boston.  She was looking seriously unkempt–but all better now!

The marina was a little late getting started in the morning, and hence missed the tide height we needed to get in to the lift bay, and then had to wait until the afternoon tide. As a result, we didn’t get out of the water until 3:30 in the afternoon.  In the category of “stranger than fiction”, I told the marina staff that we would need four hours to complete what we needed to do on the boat.  They dropped us on the hard at 3:30, and we finished at 7:25.  I was impressed!  After spending the night on the boat sitting on land, we are floating again, so all is right with the world!

Tomorrow we will be working our way north again. It is supposed to be a calm couple of days that will make some good fishing on the offshore banks.  Hopefully an overnight trip and we can find some tuna, cod, pollack, etc.

We did load up with fuel while we were here, taking on 113 gallons.  That should last us most of the rest of the summer.

Our next scheduled port of call is Rockport, Massachusetts.



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2 Responses to Out, and In!

  1. Jose G Venegas (Ipanema SM 178) says:

    Too bad we missed you while you were in Boston were we have been since we came back from our tour around the Atlantic in 2012-2013. Rockport is one of our favorite spots for a weekend as long as the wind does not blow from the north. In that case, Gloucester is the best option. We are probably taking off for good in one year or less. Hope our paths will cross.
    BTW I just bought the SEW CLEAN. We had a head-attack incident with plack rupture and complete obstruction of the hose a couple of years ago that was TERRIBLE. I replaced the hose but the aft head hose is still the old one and, I suspect it is also suffering of sclerosis. Thanks for the info


  2. George says:

    Great to see you again and get to meet Karen. You both seem very happy! Hope to see you again sooner than this last gap! Be safe!


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