The Migration Continues

Time 0900 local
Lat N 39° 29.6′
Lon W 71° 43.3′

Yesterday morning we weighed anchor as the wind shifted toward the west, and we have been heading south since then. So far an uneventful trip. No exciting wildlife sightings, weather has been tracking very much as predicted, only one or two places we had to play “dodge-em” with members of the commercial fishing fleet. About the biggest event was a distant sighting of the QEII’s lights in the wee hours as she sailed toward New York.

Our destination is the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay where we plan to spend the next month or so exploring and working on the boat.

As we were getting ready to leave the first news and first person reports were coming in of the trail of human and economic disaster that Irma left behind in the Caribbean. Some of the places we visited last winter are, quite literally, no longer there. We know of at least one boat like ours destroyed at its dock in Saint Martin.

As Irma damages places with better news coverage, it will be hard not to forget those people who had less to start with and now have nothing.

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