Projects and Boat Entertainment.

We have been settled here into Annapolis getting maintenance, repair, and upgrade projects checked off the list as fast as we can, and also making time for browsing the Annapolis Sailboat show which is the big event in town this weekend.  This is where most of the “big boats” are shown. It is interesting how few of them would represent an upgrade to the boat we have–at least in our eyes. There are a few accessories that are interesting to see, but overall we have to say that there isn’t much we are lured into. Of all the boats here, there were really only two that I saw as suitable for our interests. (If you have to know, the interesting ones were a Gozzard 44 and a Boreal 52)


All the newest and shiniest!

One of the more humorous things we saw at the first day of the show was the booth for the local Alfa Romeo car dealer.  Let’s see…  Umbrellas, Check.  Salesman, Check.  Signs, Check.  Booth babe, Check.  Fancy mat to park car on, Check.  Did we forget something?


Literally overlooking the boat show was the 160 foot long motoryacht Evviva. It is owned by the founder of the company that makes Bayliner boats.  I guess if you make enough small and cheap boats, you can buy yourself something neither small, nor cheap…


Today I finished installing our new battery charger/inverter, which significantly upgrades the “behind the scenes” part of our electrical system bringing it into the 21st century.  It was a complex two day project, with quite a bit of new wiring on both the AC and DC sides of the boat, but very satisfying to have everything work exactly as it should when the switches were thrown.

We are still waiting for delivery of our new batteries.  They are practically here, he says.  Hopefully this week!

Cleaning and painting the gearboxes for the mainsail furling system is just about done, so with new seals they can go back together. Lots of other smaller and less interesting things happening too, but all needed to keep Harmonie at her best.

Karen has had fun connecting in Real Life with many of her Facebook friends from the Women Who Sail group.

One of the things that always is interesting is the number of Amel boats that gather in the world’s cruising grounds.  These are obviously boats that do not spend their lives tied to a single marina.  Within 100 yards of us right now there are two other Super Maramus.  One registered in Australia, the other from Sweden.  We have had the chance to meet and socialize with both and, like all sailors, they are delightful people.  Two other Amels homeported in the Chesapeake have been by in the time we have been here.

Our plans for leaving here are still a bit up in the air–other than heading south before winter arrives.  Decisions will be made as needed.

I have slowly been working at implementing an improved way of presenting our travels using Google Earth.  Stay tuned for some awesome coolness, if I ever get it finished!

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