A Wet Crossing.

We untied from the docks at Bimini early this morning, and set out course for Grand Bahama Island, one of the major commercial and tourism locations in this country.  Mostly the passage was uneventful, except as Karen noted, it was a very “un-Caribbean” looking day.  Meaning… overcast gray skies and gray water.  The closer we got to our destination at the Grand Bahamas Yacht Club, the more the gray skies poured rain down on us.

I was hopefully that we would snag a wahoo on the run over here, but it was not to be.  We arrived–fishless at the yacht club at about 5, and just after we tied the last line to the dock, the heavens opened, for real.  It rained so hard, I am pretty sure if someone stood looking up at the sky they would have been at risk of drowning!

It’s an early night for us after a tiring day.  The weather for the next couple days looks like on-and-off showers.  Time to break out the umbrella!  We have a project to do while we are here:  find a fuse for one of our battery chargers that is on the fritz.  I am hoping that the fix will be that simple…

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