Pinned Down…

We are anchored off of Sandy Point, at the southern end of Great Abaco Island.  We arrived here just as the last frontal boundary moved out, and set up a pattern of strongly reenforced trade winds that have have been blowing at 20 to 25 knots and are forecast to be up to 30 knots forthe next 36 to 48 hours. This is not the very best place I would have picked to ride out a blow, but with the wind from the North and East, it won’t be bad. The biggest problem is that it is a bit too choppy to launch the dinghy without expecting a good salt water bath, so exploring on shore is on hold for the moment. We’ll be a bit stir-crazy after a few days cooped up!

We have lots of room around us, (we are the only boat here) the water is not too deep (8 to 10 feet), and there is good holding for the anchor in deep, clear sand. If the forecasts are right, we will have a short window to get out of here and run up the east shore of Great Abaco to Little Harbor on Monday which is better protected from more directions and we’ll have the opportunity to explore more.

Shortly after we arrived, Karen noticed a pair of barracuda that were cruising around the boat.  Just for fun, I threw a shiny fishing spoon out, and quickly had a strike.  I jumped him once, and lost him.  The next afternoon we saw them again.  I cast the same lure, and when he heard it splash in the water, he darted over to investigate. As soon as he got close enough to see what it was, he raced away as fast as he could.  He remembered…

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