Sandy Point

On the very southern tip of Great Abaco Island is the settlement of Sandy Point. Not much happens here, it is quite remote, but also beautiful.

On all of the outer islands in the Bahamas you quickly get used to every car that passes  (and there are not many!) honks and waves in greeting. People are always friendly, if not always effusive about it.  Last time we were here, the weather made it a hassle to get to shore, so this time we made a point of getting to the beach and walking around town.

Here are some pictures:


The Beach

More Beach

More Beach

And More Beach

Rush hour on the road to Marsh Harbor

Ripening Sea Grapes

Yellow Flower

Just a beautiful roadside wildflower


The town’s fire company. I did mention it was a small town, right?

Tree snails are common in spots. Some of the ones with more exotic colored shells are quite rare.

If you are going to sit by the dock of the bay, you need a chair, right?

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