Better Lucky than Good!

After battling big winds and big waves all last week, we took advantage of a lull in the excitement to move the boat deeper into the Abaco Islands, and further away from the hustle and bustle of Marsh Harbour.

The offshore swell is now completely gone, and so is the wind.  We motored the 25 miles northwest on seas that ranged from slightly rippled all the way down to flat and glassy.  We saw a pod of large Risso’s dolphins, a very small ocean sunfish, and (as usual) many flying fish scattering away from the boat.  The unusually calm conditions seemed ideally suited to getting a picture of one of these amazing creatures, so I grabbed my biggest telephoto lens, and sat patiently waiting…

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from my first try at this.  I was sure a fair amount of practice would be needed to get even a marginally respectable shot. I was shocked to see this as the very first shot on the card…


Flying fish takeoff run!

I couldn’t improve on this for the rest of the afternoon.

We are currently anchored near Moraine Cay.  A quick dinghy tour after we arrived showed us some of the most amazing snorkeling, fishing, and diving I have ever seen in the Caribbean.  We’ll surely spend a few days here exploring.  We are also alone in this part of the Sea of Abaco.  No other boats to be seen.


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5 Responses to Better Lucky than Good!

  1. Lisa Thoerle says:

    Fabulous flying fish!

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  2. Theresa Hill says:

    Spectacular shot, enjoy reading about your adventures. Love.

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  3. James Alton says:

    Amazing photo. I think the best I have ever seen of a flying fish. Keep having fun. James

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  4. Judy says:

    What an awesome photo. I am glad you posted it.

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  5. Curt Hagan says:

    Bill, congrats on a brilliant photo! Needs to be published. Maybe a poster?

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