Closing in…

Time 27May18, 1430 local
Lat N 35° 14.1’
Lon W 75° 07.0′
Nautical miles from Cape Eleuthera Marina, Bahamas: 627
Nautical miles to Norfolk Harbor, Virginia: 118

We covered miles quickly riding the Gulf Stream north. With a variety of sights to see. We have just turned the corner around Cape Hatteras on our final reach toward the entrance of Chesapeake Bay. We should be anchor-down in Norfolk this time tomorrow.

In the category of new phenomenon observed was a miniature waterspout. The weather was settled, some scattered clouds, and moderate winds when we saw a swirling spray of wind whipped water about 100 feet across and similarly high. It lasted for about 15 minutes moving on a course parallel to ours.

[…Insert writing break here to land and clean a 25lb mahi-mahi…]

We sailed past a feeding school of small tuna, who left our trolled offerings unmolested.

Yesterday we also hooked, fought, and lost boatside a nice mahi-mahi. Today, we put one in the freezer. Hooked once again on our go-to lure: a 4inch plain cedar plug.

Our return to “civilization” is apparent by the suddenly crowded ocean. Cargo ships, commercial and recreational fishing vessels, cruise ships, military craft of various sizes, suddenly it doesn’t feel like our own private ocean anymore.

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