Going with the Flo.

We have been back and forth about our plans for dealing with hurricane Florence, and they are now finalized.

It looks like the upper Chesapeake around Annapolis will see relatively minor impacts from the storm.  However, this area is very prone to tidal flooding, which can make staying at the dock problematic. We had three options,

  • Stay at the dock and adjust lines as needed if the water rises,
  • Find a local cove and anchor.  While at anchor we really don’t care how high the water gets!
  • Have Harmonie hauled out of the water, and placed in the boat yard.

We have ended up with the last option. Tomorrow morning the yard will be lifting Harmonie out of the water, and setting her down on jack stands until the weather passes.  Our friends Aras and Vickers have graciously offered us the chance to crash at their house in Alexandria.

In anticipation of the storm, the yard has been hauling boats one after another non-stop for days.  Boats are stacked everywhere there is a flat piece of ground. They gave us one condition for hauling tomorrow, that was that as soon as the weather passes we get launched again–because they need to clear the yard ASAP to get back to their normal operations.

In the best of all possible worlds, this whole exercise is not needed because local impacts will be minor, but just in case…

Certainly there are many places, not all that far away, that will be taking a severe beating in the next few days.


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2 Responses to Going with the Flo.

  1. James Alton says:

    Bill, I really hope that no harm comes to Harmonie or yourself as the storm passes. Hi from Capo Domino, Italy. James and Joann

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  2. Curtis Hagan says:

    Thanks for the response. As always, you are conservative and protective of your boat. I like that, a lot! I won’t be looking for your book on how to anchor out in hurricane winds any time soon. Good luck and good sailing. Curt

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