And They’re Off…

Tomorrow morning we start our migration south.  We untie from the docks here at Jabin’s Yard, and ride what we hope will be a following wind down the Chesapeake Bay.

The ocean weather for our passage south to Florida is still a bit questionable, not so much for safety, but for comfort. Since we do this for fun, it makes no sense to head out into weather where we will get tossed around if we do not need to!  If it continues like uncertain, we’ll be making our way as far south as Norfolk, at the entrance to the Bay.  Will will anchor and wait there for a few days until the next cold front drops down, and makes the weather more palatable for a run offshore.

It’s cold here now, nights consistently in the low 40’s.  There has been some frost, and the leaves on the trees are starting to color.  Sailing will be chilly for a day or so as we head out into the ocean.  We actually were out this morning picking up some longjohns for the cool night watches! By the time we are about 150 miles offshore we hit the Gulf Stream where the water temperature is in the low 80’s, and the air will warm quickly.



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2 Responses to And They’re Off…

  1. Curtis Hagan says:

    Sailing in 40 degree weather is not fun! It would inspire one to find the Gulf Stream as soon as possible. Be safe. Be warm. Be happy.


  2. Mary Starkey says:

    For you!

    Love Mary



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