Impressive Neighbors


The neighbors across the bay.

We are anchored just off the Naval Station here in Norfolk, VA.  Norfolk is by far the largest Navy presence on the east coast.  The above photo taken from our deck, is of the George W. Bush, and the Abraham Lincoln.  Two, of the ten, 1100 foot long, 100,000 ton, $8Billion, nuclear powered, Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Pretty much all day and much of the night, the Navy helicopter pilots are using our mast as a turning pylon for their take-off and landing practice.  Over… and over.

The weather forecasts are settling in to a consistent pattern.  Over Friday night a cold front will pass through.  As the front approaches, it will rain, and as the front passes, the rain will stop, and the winds will very quickly switch from south to northwest, and then to northeast.  Exactly what we need for our trip south.  Sometime early Saturday morning we expect we will weigh anchor and follow the winds to warm climes.

We are looking forward to sailing once again in water that is the deep emerald blue of the open ocean.

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