Was it just last week?

Time 08NOV2018, 18:00 local
Latitude N 27° 04.3’
Longitude W 79° 04.3’
Weather: NE, 6, gusting 8, Mostly clear
Course: 205°
Speed: 2.5 knots
Water temperature: 84.5°F
Nautical miles from Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel: 569NM
Nautical miles to Port Everglades, Florida: 117NM

It happened today… even before I expected. The guilty party shall remain nameless. Just last week it was cold. Well, cold for us tropical birds—down in the 40’s even! We were both looking forward to warm again! Who knew that the first complaint about it being “too hot” would come before we even touched land? To be fair, it was 90 degrees in the cabin, and a bit stuffy.

We struggle with less wind then we’d like, but the overnight forecast is promising. We’ll be approaching the northernmost islands of the Bahamas tonight, and once again crossing the Gulf Stream early tomorrow morning.

No luck on the fishing front…yet.

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