We have been sitting with to boat out of the water for a couple days now. This is an always busy time, so our posting has been a bit slow while we have been running projects fast and furious.

Pulling the propeller hub prior to changing seals on the drive shaft.

Some of the projects are routine, some are repairs that need to be done. Right now, with the boat out of the water, we have been focusing on the things that require the boat to be out of the water to do.  We have replaced seals, changed lubricating oil, and just generally taking care of business under the boat. A number of contractors are working on a few upgrades.  

We tend to divide up the management of the various projects.  Since Bill is usually busy with mechanical things, Karen does the bulk of the project management with the vendors.  Right now she is juggling the canvas guy doing cockpit cushions and dodger repairs, North Sails for sail repairs, Island Planet Sails for a new mainsail, and in the meantime she is offloading some surplus “stuff” on eBay.

Bill has finished with the seals on the propeller shaft, and the bow thruster. We have various parts of the rigging disassembled waiting for vendors to show up to help fabricate some new parts. So far, things have been mostly routine with no unpleasant surprises.  Next major work is on the bow, where we will be reworking things a bit to seal them up, the better to keep water out of the boat, and to ready it for a new, bigger, and better, anchor.

In the meantime, we are really looking forward to getting back into the water where we belong!  Schedule is to splash first thing on Wednsday morning.

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