It Must be Florida When…

Florida has become the closest thing we have to a home base, and we have spent a fair amount of time here over the past few years.  It seems only natural that we share our observations about how you know you are in Florida.

Pontoon Boat + Shipping Container == Floating Tiki Roach Coach!

We don’t know exactly where the “Sand Bar” was headed, but they looked like they were pretty self-contained and ready to set up shop anywhere they could drop anchor.

There is a chance of rain every day. 

This appears to be a well kept secret that the professional weather forecasters do not understand. In the last four days the forecast has been for “0%” chance of rain.  It rained–at least a little–every day.

Parrot fly-bys.

Every afternoon at the boatyard a large flock of feral parrots comes flying noisily by.  I am not sure exactly where they are going, but if you have to have an exotic species, there are many less pretty.  Most of the time the parrot flocks are smaller conures, but Karen did spot a flock of huge green and gold macaws.

Local election officials who can not count–or recount.

It really seems they need to take off their shoes for any numbers bigger than 10. If the trail of incompetence wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.  My favorite story was the former election supervisor who was fired, and then–somehow–needed up with a plum job as a teacher–with only a temporary certificate.  She failed the Math test to get her permanent teaching certificate.  Sigh.  Yes, the person counting votes for Broward County couldn’t pass a standard math test that EVERY teacher in the state has to pass.  

Iguanas everywhere.

This large lizard with three eyes (Really!) could be as much a symbol of South Florida as the alligator, even though it is not native.  There are actually a lot fewer of them around than last year.  Last winter’s cold snap thinned their ranks considerably.  Apparently, when the temperature drops low enough, torpid iguanas come raining down from their hiding places in the trees.  Witnessing such an event is on Karen’s bucket list.

Bad Drivers.

In our opinion, the worst in the USA.  Seriously.  A combination of older drivers who drive at 40 in a 65 zone, mixed with a large cadre of Latin men who just don’t feel manly unless they are driving at least 30 MPH faster than anyone else they can see makes for freeways that are especially hazardous.  The closer you get to Miami, the worse it gets.

Other exotic birds

An American White Ibis

So… what is the plural of “Ibis”???  “Ibi”?  Ibises?  Ibis? Ibee?

Everybody likes the beaches

Including an 8 foot crocodile (Yes, a real American Crocodile, NOT an alligator!).  It was captured last year while we were here.  Peacefully sunning itself on the beach like any other tourist.  It was tagged and relocated, but it has returned again.  Apparently the living is good for a croc here.

Florida’s Hollywood beach has its own celebrity.  As far as I know it has not yet been named…

American Crocodiles are rather rare, but widespread through the Caribbean. They get very large (20 feet!).  In Central America they have been known to attack people, and animals as large as deer and cattle and are considered dangerous. They are known to be predators of several species of sharks.  Although not as aggressive as their Australian cousins, I wouldn’t be swimming in areas where large ones are know to live.

Florida is a nice place to visit, and we enjoy our time here, but we are also looking forward to leaving and exploring the islands more.  

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