It Really is True!

We have commented from time to time about how visiting this boatyard in Fort Lauderdale sometimes makes us feel like a really small boat.  I know that some people (you know who you are!) have thought I might be guilty of a little hyperbole when I said that there were boats here in the yard with tenders bigger than our boat.  

Well, Karen has frequently said to me, “Photo or it didn’t happen!” So here it is…  a 54 foot Bertram Sportfisher, marked as a tender to (T/T) My Iris. The motoryacht My Iris is a 150 foot, 446 ton vessel built in 2003, and is available for charter, at an undisclosed price. If you have to ask…

This modest little dinghy has its own dinghy stored on it forward deck with a crane to launch it.

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