Different Strokes

Here in Georgetown the sailors we have met and talked to are about evenly divided between two points of view: “Isn’t this an awesome place?” and, “We can’t wait to get out of here!” We are definitely in Group #2.

Many, many boats have Georgetown as their final destination for the winter. Many have been coming here every year, sometimes for decades. There are a LOT of boats here, far and away the most crowded harbor we have ever stayed in.

How many boats? A bazillion…

Why is it such a popular harbor? Lots of reasons, and different reasons for different people.

  • It is a good harbor in most weather conditions., and those are rare in the Bahamas.
  • This is about a far as you can go “Island Hopping.” Once you leave Georgetown, your next destination is going to be an ocean passage away. That is intimidating for some people.
  • Facilities here are not the best we have seen anywhere in the islands, but they are adequate, and the local businesses are very used to the needs and peculiarities of cruising boats.
  • Some people make fun of the local grocery store, but it is as good as any you’ll find on a remote island, and way better than most.
  • If you are the kind of person who quickly gets bored at an island where there are no other people, this place is your heaven.
  • The morning radio net will have announcements for everything from beach yoga, practice for the cruiser’s softball team, a golf game, a meet up of ukulele players (really!), a play date for your dog, and on and on…

One of the things that is surprisingly missing here is a selection of restaurants. There are a few, mostly very “home style.” We aren’t normally looking for an eat-out experience, but given the number of vacationing people here, I am surprised there are not more.

We will finish setting up our business here on Monday, then sail away for a week to more peaceful places, better attuned to our preferred lifestyle. We’ll return to get our loot, and head out again as quickly as possible.

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2 Responses to Different Strokes

  1. Bill Kinney says:

    “aquatic mobile home park”
    Karen just about fell overboard laughing at that one. So true.

    “They wish they had a bigger boat…”
    We’ll look in our rolidex to see if we can find a yacht broker who can help them with that…


  2. Joel Potter says:

    Hello Bill and Karen. Ahhhh, Georgetown. AKA CHICKEN HARBOR. The wanna be’s realize there will be four days of windward easting before bearing off south and just decide to hang out at this aquatic mobile home park before heading back north to whence they came. Every year the same circuit. The place turns into a real Payton Place with who is screwing who when you know who flies back to CONUS to take care of business…. not my cup of tea either,

    Years ago Sidney’s Peace and Plenty was a good place to hang and eat. Sidney is gone but give the peace and plenty a try and conjure up images of Joel at the bar with a buyer while the seller waits aboard with fingers crossed.

    Went to Sebring Sport Aviation Expo with Don and Anne who send their regards. They look great and are loving the Inside Passage and return in April. They wish they had a bigger boat…

    All the Best, Joel and The Indian

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