Return to “Civilization.”

After several days enjoying the remote beauty of Conception Island, it is time for us to return to Georgetown, get the deliveries that are supposed to be waiting for us, and then move on again. As if to hurry us along a large “Superyacht” that entered the harbor this morning has launched a half dozen jetskies that are buzzing around the (previously) peaceful anchorage like angry hornets.

The weather for our trip back to Georgetown is forecast to be perfect, so should have a fast and easy run. The harbor there will likely even be more crowded that when we left as the annual Cruiser’s Regatta will be in full swing. Hopefully we can get a comfortable spot to anchor, and avoid the noisiest of the parties.

One of the enjoyable parts of cruising is the planning. We have spent the last couple of evenings looking at the alternatives for our next few stops. Depending on the weather, we have several choices, each one seems better than the others.

Our next major goal is to get the the Turks and Caicos, but that is likely to be two or three weeks from now. Along the way we definitely want to revisit the island of Mayaguana, and we have intermediate possible stops at Samana Cay, the uninhabited Plana Cays, several locations on Long Island, and Crooked Island. Some of the possible stops are small settlements, but most are rather remote. Hopefully the sailing, exploring and fishing will be rewarding.

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