Going While the Going is Good

When the weather cooperates, you have to take advantage! We left Georgetown, where we were surrounded by hundreds of other boats, and ended up, 24 hours later, anchored off the southeast corner of Acklins Island in a place a world apart. From the sparkle of hundreds of anchor lights, here there now are a total of three (including ours). There is not a single light visible on shore. No dunken sailors singing. No other boats we have to worry about how THEIR anchors are holding if the wind picks up. The stars are brilliant, the phosphorescent critters in the water entertain in the dark. This is way better.

As we sailed away from Georgetown the wind was light, but generally favorable. As the day moved along, the winds faded, and we toughed it out, sometimes just barely making way, in winds as light as 2 or 3 knots, but knowing that more wind was coming our way. As we rounded the northern corner of Long Island, the wind picked up and we picked up speed. Just a few minutes before I brought the fishing lines in for the evening, we hooked and landed a Blackfin Tuna. Not huge fish but Karen had put an order in for a fish suitable for serving up as poke(*), and it was delivered!

Overnight, the wind picked up from a mostly favorable direction and we made good progress to the southeast sometimes making 8 knots. We are anchored in an open roadstead, with good protection from the normal tradewinds from the northeast through the southeast. We are anchored in a narrow sandy spot close to shore in about 15 feet of water. As close as 500 feet off our stern it is a thousand feet deep.

We will be here for a couple days waiting for the next weather window to let us move east again. In the mean time, we have miles of empty beach to explore and banks and reef to fish.

Here we are back to the delightful situation of being internet deprived. At the very fringes of cellular connectivity, we get email once a day—maybe. Relaxing to not have devices clamoring for our attention!

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