Plans… Plans… Plans…

In our onshore excursion today we did take an extended walk across the island away from the main road. See below for the circumstances around that time killing exercise. The variety of plants that grow here is astounding. Including plants that you might have heard of, but never actually seen. The basic ecosystem is a mixed hardwood forest, with the tallest trees maybe 15 to 20 feet tall. Mahogany, Lignum vitae, and tamarind are common. Poisonwood and machaneel are common enough to make you careful about what you touch. Flowers and butterflies abound. A delightful place.

In looking at our cruising plans for the summer season, we realized that we really want to get further north, maybe as far as Newfoundland. If that is going to be a priority, then heading north early is going to be a good idea. Since we have already touched the places that were on our visit list for this winter, it seems like this is a good place to turn around. So… for this season Mayaguana, Bahamas is going to be our furthest south and east destination. Tomorrow we begin to retrace our steps back in the direction that we came from.

Our first stop on our return trip will be to revisit the Plana Cays. This time, we’ll be checking out East Plana Cay which looks to be at least as much fun as West Plana Cay where we stayed a week ago. We’ll be there for a few days beach combing, bushwacking, snorkeling, and fishing.

Our real adventure today was getting our Bahamian fishing license renewed. This requires a trip to the Customs Office. Last year when we did this in the city of Marsh Harbor, we presented our paperwork and the officer in charge made disapproving noises about the staff at Bimini. He said that our fishing permit should have been good for a year. He crossed out the original date, wrote in a new one, and sent us on our way. Problem solved.

Out here, things were a bit more complex. We had to redo ALL our paperwork as if we were entering the country for the first time. Then it has to all be approved and stamped by the “Administrator.” Stamping is very important, and only the Administrator can do the stamping.

The problem is that the Administrator is not in the office. It seems he is out at the airport meeting today’s plane. “He’ll be back in a half hour.” Now, we know what that means in island time. So we go for a walk (see above) and return 90 minutes later, at noon. The Administrator is not back yet, and somehow is STILL expected in a half hour. Karen is smart enough to ask when the plane is due.

“Oh, One o’clock. Maybe One-thirty. If it’s not late.”

We walk down to the beach and hang out until two o’clock. Our paperwork is finally ready, with all the official stamps in lots of places.

Out at the Plana Cays we’ll be internet limited again, with only our sat phone connection. Just imagine… The pleasure of NOT reading the news for a week. 🙂

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  1. Gary says:

    As always safe travels and hoping to catch up someday on your way through. Enjoy your updates.


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