Charleston Walk-about

We strolled around Charleston’s delightful downtown yesterday. Beautiful architecture, beautiful gardens. Busy, like a city should be, but not insanely so. A nice place to visit. Now, in mid-April, the weather is absolutely delightful. A visit in the heat and humidity of August might not be as amenable to an extended walking tour!

Here are some photos from around town…

Because of some odd quirk in the original layout of property lines in the city, almost none of the 19th century homes face the street, but rather have the front door on a courtyard and the gable end of the building is streetside. The red door doesn’t actual enter the house, but is a privacy door between street traffic and the “front” porch.
A series of devastating fires in the early and mid 19th century meant that brick became the go-to building material.
The long, narrow courtyards define the residential, and many of the business areas, of the city.
Many areas of the city could be used as a architecture school exam, “Identify the style of this building.” Karen tells me this beautiful corner bakery is housed in a Gothic Revival structure.
One of the largest buildings downtown is the symmetrical, Classical, facade of the Customs House.
A number of old churches and their grounds dot the urban area.
The original City Market has been re-made into a tourist mecca. No longer selling meats, vegetables, and other necessities, it now caters to the tourist crowd. Just a short walk from the cruise ship terminal.
The famous “Pineapple Fountain” is the centerpiece of the waterfront park. Unlike most urban fountains, wading in the lower pool is encouraged, probably because in the heat of the summer it would be impossible to stop people from a quick dip to cool off!
Hands-down the most amazing planting of fragrant jasmine Karen or I have ever seen. Perfectly espaliered three stories high, it perfumed the whole block.
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