Fishing day

The morning started calm and clear. We got underway from Charleston at the turn of the tide, and motored east, toward the fishing grounds. My objective was to basically try a repeat of what we did last week and see if our new fishing technique was going to be consistently successful, or if we just had a lucky spell.

Two and a half amberjack, a small shark, and a king mackerel later, and I think I have convinced myself that this “slow pitch” jigging is a useful tool in our fishing box.

I know, all you careful readers are wondering about the “half an amberjack” comment I threw in above. Actually, it was probably more like a quarter of the fish that made it to the boat. A large shark got the rest.

The amberjack and shark were returned to the water, and the king mackerel was issued an invitation to dinner that he just couldn’t refuse.

Amberjack are one of the toughest fish per pound that I have ever tangled with. On this relatively light tackle, they really are a challenge to bring to deck. In Florida they are sometimes called “Reef donkeys” because of their strong and stubborn fights. As much fun as they are to catch, they are pretty poor table fare. King mackerel, on the other hand, are exceptional.

As the afternoon passed, a bit of breeze pick up, and we are now sailing north, headed toward the Gulf Stream. In about 3 1/2 days and 450 miles, we should be rounding Cape Henry and entering Chesapeake Bay.

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