And we are here…


We sailed up the Severn River this afternoon and have  picked up a mooring off downtown Annapolis in Spa Creek. It is breezy, gray, wet and COLD!  Karen keeps asking me, “Why did we leave the Caribbean?” I haven’t given her a good answer yet!  How cold is it?  Cold enough that we are running the generator to keep the heat on!  I think it is the first time we have ever done that at anchor. In reality it is about 58F outside.  For us tropical migrating birds that is COLD!

The sail up here was better than the forecast had us expecting.  We covered a lot of ground very quickly.  Weather like this leaves us really appreciating Harmonie’s well protected cockpit. We stayed dry right up to the time we had to go out on deck to pick up the mooring line, in the hardest rain of the day.

But all is warm and cozy inside.  We are trying to figure out something for dinner that will require lighting the oven and running it for an extended period!





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