Arrrgh! Not moving yet!

Well… water is great… in its place.  Unfortunately water has some places where it does not need to be.  Inside my laptop computer is one of those places. Last night, the tiniest little bit of water got where it wasn’t supposed to be, and it turned my old reliable Apple laptop into a fluky, funky creature who’s future lifespan is now totally unpredictable.

The upshot of that problem, is that we are still here in Annapolis. Instead of being out sailing, and right now entering the ocean, we are still right–where we were.  All dressed up, but nowhere to go. We spent the day, not sailing, but rather shopping, and buying a new laptop.  

Getting the new machine is the simple part, getting the trade-in credit for the old machine is the time consuming bit.  It will take us the better part of a week to process through all of the logistical issues surrounding this, but it is worth enough in trade-in $’s to make the delay and hassle worth it..  

The boat yard here automatically rolls us over to a monthly rate as soon as it makes sense, so as far as they are concerned we are already paid up out for another two weeks.  So we will stay here and explore and enjoy while the wheels of commerce grind away.

All is not bad, of course.  The difference between a 2015 and a 2019 laptop is pretty dramatic, especially for the computationally intense task of video editing which wasn’t really on my radar when I selected the last computer!  So, we’ll just keep plugging away.  We’ll be on our way again before we know it!

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