07:00 local, 22 July 2019
Lat: 42° 31.5’ N
Lon: 66° 50.6 W
Weather: Partly cloudy, wind 4kt, NE
Water temperature: 64°F/Air temperature: 62°F
Course: 066M
Speed: 6.8kts
Distance from Delaware Bay Entrance: 435NM
Distance from Halifax Harbor Entrance: 186NM

We have been motoring since midnight, and the forecast is for continuously light winds for most of today. We continue to be on target for a tomorrow afternoon arrival in Halifax.

We are now in Canadian waters, and stowed the fishing gear until we have check in with customs. We didn’t get as much chance to fish on the way here as we had hoped. Either the wind was blowing to hard to fish deep, or we just weren’t in a good spot.

We have just past a pair of harpoon boats. I have seen this kind of fishing boat in harbors, but never out fishing. Characterized by a very long and narrow bow pulpit where the harpooner stands waiting for the boat to either chase down, or sneak up on, its target. He throws the harpoon, which is attached to a large float. They then chase down the float when the fish tires. Swordfish and giant bluefin tuna are the usual catch.

We had a clear day and night, but there is a gray wall ahead of us, so I suspect we’ll be listening to the foghorn again in a short while.

Water temperature around here changes dramatically, and quickly. We have seen changes of up 10°F in a few minutes. The proximity of deep cold water with the filling, and emptying, of the Bay of Fundy every 6 hours I am sure have something to do with that. Where the water is cold, it is foggy. Where the water is warmer, it is sunny and warm.

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