And We are Ready to Go…

Harmonie docked in downtown Halifax
Georgia is 159 feet of luxury, and is for sale. She can be yours for $13,000,000.

We have been enjoying life on the town for the past couple of days, and were expecting to leave this morning, but we got elbowed out of the line for refueling by a little boat named Georgia. A 159 foot yacht that I imagine is a far more profitable trip for the fuel truck!

We are making our preparations to run around the corner to the “fuel dock” which is basically a spot along the seawall where the truck can pull up and reach with his hose. Once we top off our tanks, we’ll be back here, and then leave first thing in the AM.

Karen was just chatting with one of the local harbour pilots who came by to say hello. It turns out he did a crossing of the Pacific on an Amel, so she got some high quality local info from him. He suggested that if we wanted to catch some fish, we just stop at any of the shoals and start jigging. We’ll certainly be giving that a shot in the next few days.

We had applied with the Park Service for a permit to visit Sable Island, a sandy little speck of land 100 miles east of the coast. Definetly far, far off the beaten track. Uninhabited except for a small park staff and a herd of wild horses. We were excited today to get notice our application was approved! It’s a big deal, for many years the island was completely off limits to all visitors. These days almost all the visits are by small plane. An 8 hour visit on the charted plane costs $2500 and are available only a half dozen days a year. If the weather cooperates, we’ll be out there in about 2 weeks. A few days there will cost us nothing more than the time to get there.

Another, even more beautiful boat. 130 foot long Marie was built in 1930. Twenty years ago she was a derelict and her steel hull was scheduled to be cut up for scrap. She was rescued, and restored to a level that is above and beyond museum showpiece standards.
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