The Sunshine State!

We dropped anchor in South Lake, Hollywood, Florida shortly after midnight last night. We had a good day sailing with strong winds on a deep broad reach, consistantly hitting speeds of over 9.5 knots with winds gusting to more than 30 knots.

We were visited by a very playful group of bottlenose dolphin on the way down. These are the animal everybody thinks of when they think of “dolphin” but these are the first ones of this species we have had playing around Harmonie. They tend to be a more coastal species of dolphin, where we typically interact with those types that are more open ocean oriented like the Spotted Dolphin, or the Common Dolphin.

Bottlenose Dolphin cavorting in Harmonie’s bow wave.

Our schedules are full as we come to our big annual maintenace time. Tomorrow we are scheduled to haul out of the water right after lunch time. That begins all kinds of busy times. Normally the painting crew gets busy as soon as the boat is set down. I work around them doing the routine maintenance work on things like the bow thruster and prop shaft seals, all those boat parts that are normally underwater and hard to deal with.

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