We See Some of the Most Amazing Places…

Just to refresh… we have been looking for a part for Harmonie’s generator. This is a 25 year old Onan generator, and the manufacturer’s support for the model has effectively ended. In all of the USA there is ONE piece of the part we need, and at a price of about $2000 it might as well have been cast of solid gold. We have been pursing several other options for how and where to find one.

A local vendor we have used for various electrical motor services recommended that we talk to “Yachts and Diesels”. After several back and forth phone calls, they said they thought they might have one. Today we decided to pay them a visit and see.

The only word for this place is… No. There is no word for it.

We were told to talk to Tommy, he’d know. We tracked down Tommy, and described the part we wanted. Not only did he know exactly the part we wanted, for a generator which hasn’t been made for 20 years, but he knew exactly what it looked like. He said, “Follow me” and lead us off wandering the warehouse aisles looking for the generator that he could pull the part off. He was sure they had more than one. Somewhere.

Words can not describe this place. Racks 40 feet high full of engines, generators, miscellaneous boat parts, and unknown stuff. The only light comes from a few widely scattered skylights. The aisles are so clogged with stuff you have to turn sideways to squeeze through. Engines from tiny single cylinder putt-putts to huge 1000 horsepower 10 cylinder monsters that weigh more than a large SUV.

There are over a dozen rows like this…
It looks like the prop warehouse for a Mad Max movie!
And on… and on…

Finally, there it is! Right there! That’s the one!

Yep, right there.

Tommy disappeared for a while to get some tools, and 20 minutes later we had our part in hand, in almost like new condition. “That will be $75.”

If you are looking for an obsolete part for an engine or generator, these are the guys to call. If you are in Fort Lauderdale and you are any kind of gearhead, they are an entertaining place to see.

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2 Responses to We See Some of the Most Amazing Places…

  1. John Clark says:

    Wow I love places like that. Good find and thanks for the heads up.

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  2. James Alton says:

    A fantastic find, congratulations! James

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