Back in the Water Again!

A wet morning launch

On a rainy morning the day before Christmas Eve, we got the Christmas present we were really wanting, and Harmonie was picked up and dropped back in the water.  We are not yet finished with the projects, by any means, but being in the water makes our lives a lot more comfortable.  Our air conditioners run, our sinks drain, our toilets flush, we can shower on board, we can cook.  Life is just way better…

We have been treated to visits from Bill’s sister and her family who coincidently are in Florida for a winter vacation. Also in town are our good friends from the Chesapeake area Aras and Vickers from the Amel Sharki, Fiasco. It has been great having breaks from the ongoing projects to have a socail life!

Our deck repairs came out beautifully. The mess of sanding and grinding and the hassle of outside workers crawling over our home is over.

We now have all the parts back in hand to finish the port light replacements. Everything is looking as good as we had hoped. Getting everything re-assembled is time consuming, but not nearly as difficult as the disassembly was.

The engine repairs are underway. In addition to replacing the transmission, it looks like we will also need to have the turbo charger rebuilt, but those aren’t huge time or dollar projects. Anything that improves the confidence we have in our old reliable drive engine is a good thing.

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2 Responses to Back in the Water Again!

  1. Mary Starkey says:

    Life is good, happy to hear from you, Stan and Mary Starkey 😉



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