You haven’t seen a lot of postings here from us for the past several weeks. We have been BUSY. This has been the most intense (and expensive!) maintenance and project stopover we have yet had on Harmonie. She is getting older (like us) and needs more TLC (like us!) and some things were just unlucky timing with several big projects that needed doing at the same time.

There are almost no maintenance or repair projects we postpone while we are here in Fort Lauderdale. The supply and service infrastructure here is better than anywhere else we go, so it makes sense to fix EVERYTHING that needs fixing, or is showing signs of age. Most of these are things we had on our card before we arrived, but there are always extra things that come up when you start taking a boat apart. Then there are the “Surprise!” events–like needing to find a new insurance company–that just add to the fun.

Here for your reading pleasure(?) is what I am sure is an incomplete list of the projects we have been working on since we arrived here in Florida. Not all of these are finished (yet), but it will give you an idea how we have been spending the last 9 weeks. Projects with a (*) preceding them are ones we farmed out to local contractors. Everything else we have done ourselves. I am sure in the time left, we will add a few more. So… in no special order….

  1. Change oil and seals in bow thruster.
  2. Change oil and seals in “C-Drive”
  3. Disassemble, and re-grease prop.
  4. New rudder zincs
  5. (*)New bottom paint
  6. (*)Buff and wax topsides
  7. (*)Rebuild turbocharger on drive engine
  8. New exhaust elbow on drive engine
  9. New transmission on drive engine
  10. New exhaust elbow on generator
  11. Fix raw water leak on generator
  12. Install back up bilge pump.
  13. Replace failing main saloon air conditioner
  14. (*)Insurance survey
  15. New fixed ports in all cabins, and repair sun damaged interior wood
  16. New thermostats for both freezers
  17. New level gauge for aft head holding tank
  18. Replace packing on rudder shaft.
  19. Replace battery in PLB EPRIB
  20. New Main Epirb
  21. Repair cockpit speaker for VHF radio
  22. Change zincs on engine and generator
  23. Update radio registrations and licenses
  24. Renew HMS permit for offshore fishing
  25. Replace thru-hull for aft holding tank vent
  26. Rebed lens in forward cabin hatch
  27. Realign door on fridge.
  28. New hatch, screen and blinds for main saloon
  29. New secondary anchor
  30. Repair steaming light
  31. Refinish forward head hatch frame
  32. New main traveler control line
  33. (*)Various sail repairs
  34. Canvas repairs to dodger
  35. New propane hose for stove
  36. (*)New standing rigging
  37. (*)Major deck repair
  38. (*)Liferaft service.
  39. Annual review of abandon ship ditch bag
  40. New LED screen on autopilot
  41. Replace various hoses and belts on engines.
  42. Improvements to anchor chain lead to winch.
  43. Repair/replace water speed transducer.
  44. Repair mount of aft cabin space heater
  45. Add CO/smoke alarms to each cabin

It is interesting what is NOT on the list. Almost no electrical repairs or upgrades. No significant repairs or upgrades to deck hardware. Almost nothing that we have upgraded or repaired before. It’s nice to see projects and upgrades we have done in the past are holding up and working as they should.

Pretty much as we expected, the survey in support of the new insurance came back with just a few trival recommendations, so that added nothing to our project backlog. Having that in hand means we can move ahead with the last of the insurance quotes and make a decision on that front.

While being productive and improving our boat is a good and rewarding thing, we are very much itching to get out of here. While we do like the local area, the scenery at the boatyard is NOT what we want to be looking at from the deck of Harmonie. A remote and lonely anchorage in the islands is the much preferred choice. Soon. Very soon!

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6 Responses to A LONG List

  1. WH Scholtz says:

    Hi guys, could you possibly post a cost list? There are many of these I need to update due to exchange rate fluctuations of my country, thanks


  2. Bill Kinney says:


    You won’t miss a thing! For every project note we take off we add at least one more!


  3. Vickers says:

    Well, I’m gonna miss all those sticky notes! I learned a lot from them! But know your KNOT! Ha! Congrats on getting so much done – you deserve some sea time! XOXO!


  4. curthagan@yahoo.com says:

    Thanks for the news. I was thinking just yesterday that you must have been accosted by electronic robbing pirates! Wow,what a to-do list you have survived. Every now and then I re-read the sailing classics (Hiscocks, Gau, Moitessier, Pigeon) and am impressed with the simplicity of their voyages. Of course, they didn’t have the many luxuries of modern voyagers, yet they got the job done. But can you imagine changing out only your running rigging half way around the world and no other repairs? Guess I was born a century too late…

    Here’s toasting to your return to the sea soon and safe, quiet anchorages this coming season. Sail safe.


  5. Cindy Johnson says:

    Wow! I’m exhausted just reading that list. As the daughter of a yacht broker, I’ve spent lots of hours repairing and maintaining yachts. It’s rewarding in the end. May your preparedness pay off once at sea!


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