It’s a bit of a cliche that everything grows in Florida, but it is kind of true. Being a warm, usually damp, semi-tropical climate with lots of bugs, there are a lot of critters that eat bugs, including a wide selection of native and exotic lizards.

In a suburban environment, lizards are a lot easier to spot than they are in the wild. This is especially true in the late afternoon as they gather what warmth they can from sun-heated concrete walls and sidewalks.

Here are a set of photos from one afternoon’s hour long walk, featuring just a few of the many kinds of lizards we see around here. Identifying these is a challenge. I doubt there are any resources that are really comprehensive since new species are introduced all the time. Then add to that the ability of many of these guys to change color and color pattern, and an ID from a photo is really tough for us non-herpetologists.

Haven’t figured out a name for this one…
Maybe a Cuban Brown Anole?
As distinctive as this one is, we still haven’t come up with an ID we trust…
Another mystery lizard
One of the native guys, a Green Anole
This guy ready to dart back into his electric box home, looks like a Large-Headed Anole (non-native)
Maybe a northern curly tail?
Maybe another color form of the Brown Anole?
No good guesses here…
This well camouflaged guy might be a Bark Anole, non-native.
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