Who are those masked people?

One of the rules in the city of Fort Lauderdale is that when you in an “essential” business, you have to wear a face mask. Since this is Florida, marinas are “essential” so anytime we are out and about in the boat yard, we are masked up.

We are more than ready to get out of Dodge. We have been here way too long, and need to stretch our sealegs again. We are ready, and we have Harmonie ready too. Before the end of next week, we expect we will start sailing north. We have a couple of marinas in the Chesapeake Bay who will take us in. It’s about a five or six day trip for us from here to there. It has been amazingly hot and humid here for days now. The prospect of cool ocean breezes is really, really appealing.

When we get to Maryland, our expectation is within days we will be on an airplane, heading–right back to Florida to pick up another boat to deliver–right back to Maryland!

Except for sweating a lot, we are comfortable, happy and healthy. We sincerely hope all of you are too!

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4 Responses to Who are those masked people?

  1. Denise McGovern says:

    Herrington Harbour has more spots than you realize. The limit is usually for our boat depth and length.
    Good luck!


    • Bill Kinney says:

      We certainly did apply our own filter to the answers we got from Herrington Harbor… They could have 100 thirty foot slips available and we would not have know about it!

      So anybody with a smaller boat, be sure to call them!


  2. Vincent Barkley says:

    I have a boat in Fort Lauderdale and need to get to the Chesapeake. What marinas will take you?


    • Bill Kinney says:


      Harrington Harbor as a very few spots available. They have promised us a berth, but we don’t have a contract yet. The other is Burt Jabin’s in Annapolis. That might be a special case because we have a longstanding relationship with them. Not at all sure they are accepting new customers. In any case, be prepared for a 14 day quarantine after arrival. As with everywhere in these times, rules and requirements are changing quickly. Be sure you are up on the most current status. In general, the further you get from the major urban population centers, the more likely you are to find space open for business.

      Waterway Guide’s website has a spreadsheet with the status of various marinas that is worth a look. It’s not 100% comprehensive, but is the best place to start I have found, and they seem to be doing a good job at keeping is as current as possible.



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