And Off We Go!

This afternoon we left the world of large crewed superyachts, and made our way down the New River to an anchorage in Hollywood, Florida. This is a trip we have made a number of times, and it was surprisingly busy, given everything that is going on. Something is always new to see on this bustling waterway.

A Boat of Boats

As we were passing by Port Everglades, the main shipping terminal in Fort Lauderdale, we noticed this strange scene being played out.

For people who have a boat HERE who need or want it THERE and the boat is unsuitable for making the trip itself, you can have it shipped. In this case literally loaded on a ship to cross the ocean. The ship is a bulk cargo carrier that is loaded with something like grain, or ore, or coal, and then yachts and other “stuff” is loaded onto the flat deck after the cargo holds are closed. I am not sure where this one was going, but it has deck cargo of construction equipment as well as these trawlers and sportfishers.

We are now comfortably at anchor, and it is a delight to feel the boat moving that little bit under foot as she comes to life away from the dock.

The wind today is still from the north, but that will be changing over night, and bright and early tomorrow we should be seeing a nice breeze from the southeast carrying us in the direction we want to go.

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  1. jdkinney08853 says:

    28 degrees in NJ this morning. Why are you coming this direction?Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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