Moving Quickly

We ducked into Moorhead City, North Carolina yesterday afternoon to avoid a nasty piece of weather. Today we are running north as fast as we can to avoid the NEXT contrary wind.

Right now we are coming up on Cape Hatteras, and our last ocean leg before we enter the Chesapeake. We have had a few minor mechanical problems, but everything has been managed without issue so far, and nothing surprising from a boat that has sat for several years.

Unusually, we were contacted on the radio by a Coast Guard cutter off Cape Lookout. After asking name, number of people on board, last and next port of call, they asked when the last time we had been boarded by the Coast Guard at sea. Oh, No! Surely in this 20 knot wind and steep chop they weren’t going to ask us to heave to for boarding? Would they? Fortunately not, they wished us a pleasant voyage and continued on. I have heard this series of questions of other vessels, but always they were commercial fishing boats, never recreational craft. I’m guessing they were bored…

We should be in Herrington Harbor early morning Saturday.

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  1. Hi Bill, after the passage, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the differences between your Super Maramu and the Amel 54. Fair winds and a safe passage.


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