And… GO!!

We cast off our lines from Herrington Harbor North yesterday at 10AM and, on a mostly calm and windless bay, motored south, ending up at Solomon’s Island, a major boating center on the western shore of the central Chesapeake.

It is still hot and humid, and should continue to be until we reach the ocean in two days or so.

One thing that never ceases to amaze us is the frequency with which we run into other Amels. We left Harrington Harbor where there were three other Amel boats, and get here where there are three more! One (Loco Lola) that we know from the Bahamas, one new to us anchored right next door (Jackster) and one that lives here as its home port.

We did discover yesterday that out satellite phone battery had failed. It wasn’t immediately obvious, since we keep it plugged into power all the time. Turns out the battery is needed for it to get a connection to the satellites. Until we can get a replacement shipped in, our constant position update will be down.

What is supposed to be a sealed plastic case broke apart as the internals of the battery inflated, generating a lot of pressure! Luckily, the internal seals held and no leakage or other disaster resulted.

The unit is about 6 years old, so the operative lesson is: Chnage your Iridium Go battery when it is no older than 5 years!

Today’s assignment is to fill the diesel tank, and head further down the bay!

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2 Responses to And… GO!!

  1. Vickers Bryan says:

    Happy sailing! So enjoy your posts!


  2. George Combes says:

    Safe sailing and let us know if you would like to meet if you are in southern Maine. Camden is only 3 hours away.


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