Short Delay…

Today we got buried in details with things taking longer than expected in the morning, and lost enough time that we ended up missing tide, and daylight for our departure.

We did manage to finish everything we need to get done, (eventually!) and are now ready for dropping lines first thing tomorrow morning and getting our delivery on its way to warm and sunny Antigua. We are really looking forward to sailing south. While it will be cold sailing at first, within a few days, we’ll be back into warm weather.

How cold is it here?

This was taken well after noon. Yesterday’s rain had accumulated in the Bimini, and through some mysterious process, turned solid!

Now I know many of our readers are giving us very little sympathy right now… but hey, we are tropical birds! Used to migrating!

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1 Response to Short Delay…

  1. Brent Cameron says:

    Got a foot of snow up here in Ontario over the last two days so I am a wee bit jealous. I hope you don’t have too much beating to weather. Bin voyage!


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