Almost Halfway

585 miles out from Charleston, 795 miles from St John’s Harbour in Antigua. Tomorrow will see us cross the halfway point. Based on this morning’s forecast, it looks like our arrival day might slip to at least the 7th.

The plan to make further east early has paid off, as the wind for last night and most of today dropped down to almost straight out of the east, putting us hard on the wind to keep going in the direction we need to go. It is complicated by the North Equatorial Current running about 1 knot to the west, a bit stronger than average.

It was a bit of a struggle, dealing with a different boat, different sails, and a different autopilot, getting the performance we needed to make progress on an upwind heading, but with enough tweaking, we got her almost all the way there.

The wind has laid down a bit, now true wind speeds are running from 12 to 15 instead of 18 to 25 which makes for a more gentle ride, albeit one that is a fair bit slower. The forecast has the lighter winds continuing, and shifting back a bit more toward the north.

Happy New Year!

And Happy 21st Birthday to Megan.

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