The End Game

We are approaching the end of our passage. The skies over us are almost totally cloudless, but on the horizon directly ahead we can see the cumulus clouds piled up over the islands ahead. It’s a few hours yet before land while be visible, but after 10 days at sea it is good to see visual evidence of our goal. We expect to be approaching St John’s Harbour mid afternoon tomorrow. There we will clear in with the health and customs authorities, and hopefully receive clearance to proceed to the marina berth waiting for us.

We have been motoring in very light winds and a contrary 1.5 knot current for almost 24 hours. The forecasts have the wind backing a bit and strengthening to sailable levels later this afternoon.

Right now we are directly over some of the deepest waters we will likely ever sail in. The Puerto Rico Trench, with depths of 24,000 feet is some of the deepest water in the world. It’s hard to imagine that the bottom of the ocean here is almost as far below our keel as the airliner passing over head is above our heads. Our world right now is the boat, and an outside world of about 10,000 shades of blue; form the deep indigo of the ocean straight down, to the pale wash of the sunny horizon.

Wildlife’s excitement fort the day was a pod of spotted dolphin early this morning. We have had a couple of fish strikes, but nothing we managed to get landed into the boat—yet!

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