Sailing again!

After way too long tied to the dock, Harmonie and her crew are finally ready, and our weather looks almost perfect for a trip south. We are headed to Fort Lauderdale where we will be helping introduce an Amel Super Maramu to her new owners. Kevin, one of those new owners, is along on this trip as pick-up crew.

The plan is to take on fuel here in Charleston, and then head out into the ocean with the ebb tide that begins about noon local time. We will sail southeast until we cross the Gulf Stream, then tun south. For the duration of the trip the winds are forecast to be from the north or north east, so we are expecting a fast and easy trip.

If the weather cooperates, there are a few places we hope to stop and fish.

After two or three weeks in Fort Lauderdale area, we will hopefully head over to the Bahamas for more of the remote cruising that we really enjoy.

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