“Super” Georgetown

On our random walk through the Bahamas we passed through Georgetown, the largest town in the Exumas. It is a very different place this year, and in strange ways.

Last time we were here, there were close to 200 cruising sailboats in the harbor. This year, less than a dozen. On the other hand, a trend we have noticed everywhere in the Bahamas this year, the number of super yachts is far larger than we are used to.

Our definition of “super” yacht is a bit arbitrary, but would be boats bigger than about 100 feet. What we expect is happening, is boats of this sort would normally have scattered all over the Caribbean, but travel restrictions have confined them to these waters where travel has been more open than a lot of other locations.

We have found the local travel to be pretty simple and straightforward. Read the rules, follow the rules. If you are considering coming here, we’d definitely encourage it. Especially if you are vaccinated, it is pretty simple.

We stopped in Georgetown for the grocery store, and to do some repairs. Those chores are now done, and we are off to more remote locations. Tonight, our stop is the northern end of Long Island. A place with some high end resorts and a lot of peace and quiet.

We did promise to post some photos from our stop at the Exumas Land and Sea Park, and since we have a decent cell connection here, here goes!

Harmonie on her mooring in Wardrick Wells, the headquarters island of the Exuma Land and Sea Park.
A green sea turtle is ready for his close up.
A mahi-mahi made the mistake of accepting our dinner invitation…
If Bill is here to catch fish, Karen is here to find shells!
The view from the top of Harmonie’s mast How many different colors of blue are there????
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3 Responses to “Super” Georgetown

  1. Lisa McKenzie says:

    So happy to see you out and about!


  2. Joel F. Potter says:

    Glad you are enjoying a well prepared vessel to the fullest. I used to call Georgetown CHICKEN HARBOR. I used to sell other quality boats in addition to Amels and every year I would get a couple or more folks who wanted to sell after getting roughed up making the necessary easting when leaving Georgetown before turning right to head further south. They just chickened out! Shouda gone to Sydney’s Peace and Plenty bar to fortify with liquid courage…NOT!
    Bill, did you need to have the heat exchanger on IDUN de-scaled? Anything unusual about what you found as you progressed through the repair?
    Green with envy! Joel and The Indian


  3. Richard Colebatch says:

    Very envious. Alas our government (Australia) still won’t let us leave the country except to visit NZ


    Richard FAO


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