We were motoring the dinghy across the lagoon on the south side of Samana Cay when ahead of us we saw the shadow of a solitary bottle nose dolphin in the clear water. Almost at the same time, he took notice of us, and turned away from whatever serious dolphin business he was up to come by for a visit.

He looped back and pulled up parallel to us, giving us the once over, and apparently we passed muster. He swam ahead of the dinghy, and pulled ahead, then slowed down until his tail was just off our bow. The invitation was clear: “Race you!” I throttled up and the game was on!

For the next ten minutes we traded the lead as the dolphin darted from one side of the boat to the other. Out in front, off to the left, off to the right, underneath, but never behind. We finally broke off the game because we had things to do to get ready to get underway. In preparation for our departure, we hauled the dinghy up on deck, and our new friend slowly swam around Harmonie, looking for more fun.

Getting out of Propeller Bay is every bit as intimidating as coming in. Surf breaking on jagged coral just a few feet from the boat on both sides. The cut is very narrow, but not too long, and we were clear on out in deep blue ocean water again.

We are underway sailing to the northwest. We’ll clear out of the Bahamas at a convenient port, and then head north with the Gulf Stream to Brunswick, GA. This small port town has the advantage of being located just a few miles above the line our insurance company wants us north of for the summer tropical storm season. A short stretch of land travel, and we’ll be off again!

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