And we are back out again…

We came into Norfolk to put some fuel in our tank and to get some fresh provisions. Both of those goals have been accomplished, and now we are headed back out again. Our target is to spend a few day out at the offshore “canyons.” The weather looks like it might be promising for a fishing excursion.

In this part of the coast the edge of the Continental Shelf is about 75 or 80 miles offshore. This is where the ocean drops suddenly from one or two hundred feet deep to several thousand feet. From about here north this steep cliff is cut by a number of steep canyons that are huge wildlife magnets. Several of them would put the “Grand” Canyon in Arizona to shame in scale. We are out there to put some fish in our freezer. Tuna. Mahi-Mahi. Wahoo. Grouper. Tilefish. Barrelfish. Rosefish. Maybe (if we are really lucky!) a swordfish.

If you follow our sailing blog (where you are reading this!) you might be interested in the fishing side of our world. We have a Youtube channel that is growing quickly. We have a few videos posted and several more in production. Have a look, let me know if YOU think it’s interesting. If there is a specific topic that might be of interest we’d love to hear about it. Feedback is always helpful. We have a few titles in production focused a bit more on the interests of sailors who might like to eat fish rather than the more hard core fishermen.

Once we complete this offshore trip, we’ll be moving toward Annapolis where we will likely be spending most of September and October.

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