A Small Change in Plans…

Our carefully considered plan was to slowly meander up the Chesapeake Bay, with Annapolis as our target for early September. It seemed such a good plan.

But we forgot something we both knew. The Chesapeake in August is H-H-H. Hazy, Hot and Humid. Oh, and there is no wind to sail with–except in the thunderstorms. You can’t even jump into the water to cool off, the local stinging jellyfish (“sea nettles”) are here in huge clouds.

So instead of taking three weeks to hop up from one anchorage to another, we jumped up in three days and are now plugged in at the dock–AC running–as the afternoon’s thunderstorms roll over us.

We have some family visits and travels coming up, and of course the current collection of boat projects, scattered in with doctor visits, and the fall boat show. A bunch of mostly enjoyable busy-ness.

We have two major boat projects on the docket. The vibration isolating mounts for our main engine are getting old and worn out, so those need replacing. We will also be building a a new freezer box to replace the one that was poorly insulated when it was first installed, and hasn’t gotten any better with passing years.

Of course there is always a long list of routine things that need doing, so we’ll be taking care of those too.

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